Tammy and I went to Maine for vacation a couple of weeks ago.  As you can see from the photo at left, it was foggy and rainy most of the time.  However, we still had a great time.  Photos from most of the trip (the rest are still in my camera) and some text explanations follow...
We landed in Portland later than planned, and didn't arrive in New Harbor until 9:30pm.  We had no idea what our room would look like.  It ended up being a beautiful log cabin all to ourselves.  Unfortunately, we had to get up early the next morning to catch the ferry to Monhegan Island.  Still pretty cool though.  It reminded me of a log cabin that my family rented one summer in New Hampshire.
Here's a photo of the log cabin from the outside.
We slept in the cabin one night and then got up and caught a one hr. ferry over to Monhegan Island. Here's a view as we neared Monhegan.
Althought Monhegan is a fairly small island, there are a quite a few nice hiking trails.  Here's a view from the other side of the island.
Believe it or not, on some of the trails there are Fairy Houses.  When a lady was telling me about them, I thought she was saying "Ferry" houses and was expecting something a little different...
On Monhegan, we stayed at the Trailing Yew, which is a hostel-like lodging.  We stayed in one of the few rooms that had electricity.  The lodge provides a really good breakfast and dinner.  The bedroom was nice, though basic.  BYOB (bring your own babe).  Moron in mirror costs extra.
Guidance in the Trailing Yew's bathroom...
Monhegan has quite a few local artists.  (This isn't actually a picture of the artists.  It's a picture of one of their works of art.)  This piece is by Mike Stiler.
Another clever piece by Mike Stiler...
Returning from Monhegan Island back to the mainland (New Harbor).
More lobster boats in New Harbor.
From New Harbor, we drove up to Acadia National Park for a couple of days.  Acadia was nice, but crowded.  We hiked to the top of one of Acadia's many small mountains (left).  The hike itself wasn't very crowded, but when we got to the top, there were at least twenty people up there.  Later in the year is probably a better time to visit.
Some of the many visitors...
Beach weather?
More fog, this time in Eastport, which didn't seem to offer too much.  So, we drove on in to Canada.
In Canada, we drove up to Saint John on the Bay of Fundy.  Evidence of the extreme tidal changes can be seen at the Reversing Falls.
On our wait back to Portland, we stayed a night in Freeport.  We were able to get a great deal on a beautiful room at the Harraseeket Inn.
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