In his 80’s, My Dad is a Blogger
My dad was born in 1927.  He’s used computers for a while, but mostly for playing solitaire and running civil engineering programs for his business, Alpha Engineering of Lee County.  Recently, my brother helped him setup a blog.  My dad has an amazing memory for details from his childhood.  His blog recounts stories of growing up in Albany and Rochester, NY back in the twenties and thirties.  It was a much more innocent era, which is reflected in his posts.  His blog is called Huckleberry Harv.  He talks about everything from conservation during WWII to crushes on neighborhood girls and movie stars.
Here’s an excerpt from one of his posts:
In Rochester, New York, young people were urged to save newspapers and bundle them for collection. The term was coined, "Paper Commandos," and some sort of a reward was offered for those kids who bundled the most newspapers (probably an increase in a pretend rank). Tin cans and toothpaste tubes (which were metal) were also part of the conservation effort.
Sunday, September 27, 2009